“The Space” meets once a month in person and discusses different topics such as trauma, wounds of the past, shame, relational issues, rejection, understanding “you” and “your why,” and more. “The Space” has membership programs for adults ages 18 and up and for teenagers ages 14-17.

Benefits of the membership program:
o Learn and grow in a safe and supportive healing community.

o Access to a healthy community that empowers, inspires, and encourages.

o Unlimited tools to assist you in your healing journey.

o Unlimited access to workshops.
o Provided ‘how to’ content with practical steps.

o Interactive meetings to create a place for your voice
to be heard.

Your subscription will be billed once each month for
your monthly membership fee, or you can buy the
annual subscription.

Here at “The Space” we combine counseling
psychology with biblical truths to assist you in getting the results you long to see.

By integrating psychology techniques and spiritual methods, we are confident you will reach the place you desire to know within yourself.

We have created “The Space" a membership program to reach those seeking healing and growth. Healing is a never-ending journey that requires us to put in time and effort. “The Space” helps hold you accountable in your journey of healing, whether you are just in the beginning or advanced. “The Space” enables you to unlearn negative behaviors so you create healthy behaviors. Some patterns of behaviors are complex to change without the proper support.

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