Nicole Murray

Nicole Murray has her Bachelor's Degree in Social
Work from the University of North Carolina at
Greensboro and her Master of Arts in Professional
Counseling from Liberty University. Before
opening Emerge Counseling Center, she worked
for the New Hanover County Department of Social
Services, Coastal Horizons, Agape Counseling
Associates, and Made Well Center for Wholeness.
Nicole’s passion in life has always been to help
and encourage others. She believes that the
connection in the therapeutic relationship helps
lead the way to healing and wholeness.
Compassion and kindness are Nicole’s approach
to people. She is an eager learner and thrives to
understand each individual, couples, and the
whole family to assist them on their path toward
truth and freedom. Nicole believes that the
response to pain and circumstances is significant
to healing.

Nicole is committed to equipping her clients with
the necessary tools for their recovery to let go of
past hurts and make meaningful changes to get
the life they want. Each client’s goals are unique
and deserve a therapeutic approach explicitly
personalized to their strengths and needs. Nicole
is unique in how she counsels because she can
discern at times what clients are feeling and
connect with each client therapeutically so they
can be seen, heard, and understood.

Amanda Thomas LCSWA, LCASA

Amanda is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate (LCSWA) and a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate (LCASA). She is a current Ph.D. student of Biblical Counseling at Regent University with a dissertation focused on the assessment of substance use and the spiritual domain.

Amanda is a dedicated and compassionate therapist known for her unwavering commitment to helping others. With a warm and friendly demeanor, she effortlessly builds a strong rapport with her clients, creating a safe and nurturing space for them to explore their emotions and challenges.

Throughout her career, Amanda has experience working with individuals, children, teens, and couples, addressing various issues. Her professional journey has equipped her with the expertise to navigate diverse challenges, from anxiety and depression to trauma, relationship conflicts, and behavioral issues in children and adolescents. Amanda’s versatile approach allows her to tailor therapeutic interventions to each client's unique needs, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals and families feel empowered to navigate their journey toward healing and positive change. 

Outside of her practice, Amanda prides herself on being a loving wife and mother to her son. Amanda exemplifies the true spirit of service and compassion, embodying the belief that everyone deserves to be heard, understood, and supported on their journey toward healing and self-discovery.

Carina Sosa Hill
Certified Professional Coach

Carina is driven to see individuals prosper in all
areas of their lives, from starting a new
business/career, culturally learning a new way of
living, life transitions, developing boundaries,
spiritual issues, parenting, relationship issues,
empowerment, and more. Carina believes in
giving all clients a safe space to process their
ideas, current struggles, and any uncertainties
they may face and assist them in their healing and
personal growth. Carina is an insightful,
compassionate, and supportive coach who
empowers others to create changes. Her heart-
based style focuses on building a rapport with the
client to establish trust in the coaching
relationship. As a certified professional coach,
Carina has developed many skills and techniques
to help clients get a fresh perspective on what is
possible and build strategies to get them there.
Carina will push you to focus on your whole
person to meet your goals. Choosing Carina as a
coach will set you up for success in any area of
your life.

Carina is bilingual and fluent in both Spanish and
English. She is a native of Argentina and has
served in ministry with her family in Spain,
Holland, Salta, and Miami. She has lived in
Wilmington for 19 years. Carina has her
Bachelor's Degree in Childhood Development.
Carina has first-hand knowledge of navigating
through hard seasons as she faced divorce and
embraced the journey of a single mother to a
teenage daughter. Also, she is an entrepreneur;
Carina is the founder and owner of CASA
Interpretation Services.

Ervin Murray
Certified Professional Coach

Ervin is a Certified Professional Coach who
understands the struggles constantly present in our life circumstances. Ervin is a natural coach who can empower others to reach their full potential. He is knowledgeable, non-judgmental, trustworthy, and a good listener, and he has a way of challenging clients to push them toward progress.

Ervin Murray offers individuals, families, and couples-focused coaching opportunities. Focuses include but are not limited to, addressing family issues, personal development, relational issues, spirituality, health,career consulting, and leadership development. He also offers group coaching, which can be effective for
family development, leadership training, and churches. Ervin attended college at Wake Forest University,
where he played college basketball. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Religion and Sociology.

After college, Ervin spent some time overseas playing professional basketball. Ervin then started his career in banking and finance. Ervin is a husband and father who knows the importance of balance. In his free time, he currently coaches a high school basketball team, focusing on teaching the boys how to be men. Ervin is
not an ordinary coach; his experiences and skills set him apart from all coaches.

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